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Tinzins Story

a woman self-reflecting

Tinzin's Background:

  • Tinzin is in her mid 50's, is married and has a teenage son.
  • Although Winnie is not aware of this, Tinzin has had breast cancer and has remained well for 5 years. She has not told many people about her cancer.
  • In hearing about Winnie’s story, Tinzin has to decide if she wants to disclose and share her own breast cancer experience to support Winnie.

In Tinzin's video, Tinzin responds to Winnie's story. It lets Chinese women living with breast cancer know that:

  • There are other women living with breast cancer.
  • Everyone's cancer journey is different and each woman copes differently.
  • It can be helpful to talk to someone about your cancer experience.

This video was filmed in Mandarin with English subti​​​tles. Click on the screen to watch the video.


After watching Tinzin's video, you will realize that each Chinese woman diagnosed with breast cancer is not alone; other Chinese women also experience this disease. In her story, she talks about the emotional difficulties she experienced and what she did to help herself to recover emotionally and physically.

It maybe helpful for you to take a moment now and think about what you have learned from watching this video. Taking the time to self-reflect can be helpful to build emotional awareness. You can gain a better understanding of why you feel a certain way or do certain things and what your values, strengths and weaknesses are.

Self-Reflection Exercise:

The purpose of this exercise is to help you build your emotional awareness. Take 5-minutes to write down your thoughts to the following questions.

If you would like to have a copy of your responses to this exercise, click the PRINT button. Your answers will not be saved once you leave this page.

If you have any concerns about how you are coping, please visit the Community Resources Section for resources in the community that can help. Or, you can speak to a health care provider at the hospital or in the community about your concerns.


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